Murder Mystery 2023

May 15, 2023

“On May 2nd. nearly 70 members of RTOERO District 28 and their friends got together at Kedron Dells golf course for a delicious 3 course roast beef dinner and to celebrate ‘Big Al’s Boitday’ a Murder Mystery performance by Toronto’s own It’s A Mystery To Me theater troupe. Many of the attendees were “dressed to kill” in 1920’s style to enhance the mood. A random draw of everyone who participated in this fun style sent one happy “moll” home with a $25  LCBO gift card. The same prize was awarded by Detective Carumba for the clever participant who guessed the real murderer, and the former teacher who channelled one of their former students with “The Most Outrageous Answer”. Our favourite Gangster ran the 50/50 Draw and $74 went home with a very happy member with the same being sent to Hearth Place in Oshawa. Needless to say a wonderful time was had by all, including the cast and staff who dubbed us “a really fun gang”! If our students only knew …