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2022 Community Grant

Jun 22, 2022

Testimonials for District 28 2022 Community Grants


Below you will find a list of the 7 Community Grant recipients for RTOERO District 28. After each recipient, we have placed their acknowledgements expressing their appreciation for the funding extended to them by RTOERO Durham 28. We are posting these testimonials so that the Durham 28 members are aware of how the Community Funding is put to valuable use in the Durham community. As you can, see the projects receiving funding all involve Durham 28 members working for the betterment of the citizens of Durham thus increasing our profile in the Durham community.

(1)Sunderland Lions Community Theatre – Requested by RTO member Deborah De Jong, Director

The Sunderland Lions Community Theatre organization is thrilled to have received this generous grant of $500 from RTO District 28 in support of our planned performances of “Into the Woods Jr.” in November!

  1. The Sunderland Lions Community Theatre (SLCT) organization, which involves many young people from north Durham in singing, dancing, acting and working as a team in a safe and supportive environment, is grateful to RTO District 28 for their grant. This grant will be specifically used to purchase costume and staging materials. Founded and supported by RTO members, the Sunderland Lions Community Theatre group offers this enriching experience to its young participants at no cost with any excess revenue directed to future SLCT productions and to the enhancement of the historic Sunderland Town Hall. The SLCT extends its sincerest appreciation to RTO District 28 for its generous and on-going support of our young people who continue to acquire many skills through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers – team building, active listening, risk-taking, positive communication, commitment, and many other critical social, emotional, and academic skills!
  2. Reflecting on this important grant, RTO District 28’s support will be acknowledged through printed material – at each performance’s program, through advertising posters, and through a slide show that we run prior to and after each performance.
  3. At the conclusion of “Into the Woods Jr.” the SLCT will share with RTO District 28 a brief report summarizing how the $500 grant specifically supported this production, how RTO District 28 was acknowledged, and include examples of materials that referenced RTO District 28.

Please extend our sincere appreciation to RTO District 28 for their past and present commitment to our work with young people in north Durham!

Rick DeJong

(2) RTO Supports Learning About Nature – for K-12 Students and Members of Scouts Canada in the Durham Region – Requested by RTO Member Lewis Williams

“RTO Supports Learning About Nature”

Camp Samac Programs Committee, part of Scouts Canada, would like to thank the RTO for the generous community grant to support the purchase of learning resources. Using the natural water features of lake and stream in Camp Samac in Oshawa, elementary and secondary school students and members of Scouts Canada aged 5-18 will have the opportunity to discover and study aquatic life using The RTO learning resources, thereby enhancing their knowledge and respect for Nature. Through this understanding, strategies will be explored to protect and preserve our natural world. This project will enhance school curriculum. This program will be an important component of a newly created Nature Learning Centre on site.

Lewis Williams

 (3) Kiwanis Music Festival –Requested by RTO members Emer McCarthy-Wilson, Nancy Nesbitt and Jim Nesbitt

On behalf of the Music Festival board thank you sincerely for the RTO donation. Your donations last year went to help fund the production of this celebration of our students’ success. This year’s festival has just ended with over 500 entries and many who have been recommended by our adjudicators to compete in the Provincials later this month. Our Board, which includes three retired educators, meets on the 17th. I will happily report that District 28 continues to support us.

Thanks for all you continue to do for kids.

Jim Nesbitt

(4) Funding for David Suzuki foundation Butterfly Way Gardens at local LTC home Fairview Lodge and other locations – Requested by RTO Member Lori Scott

I am so delighted to be able to do more with the David Suzuki Foundation Butterfly Way Gardens. I will continue to work at expanding to the Regional LTC residences in Durham. I have secured garden space with Fairview Lodge and the company that maintains their lawns. I am sincerely grateful to you and the council members at RTO, Durham Chapter.  I shall take pictures of our work forward. I will keep an accounting of the funds. Could I use RTO signage in the gardens? I think it would be great to promote collaboration.

Once again, thank you to RTO Durham your support in assisting environmental stewardship, Long Term Care and volunteering youth in Durham.

Lori Scott

(5) Resurfacing  the tennis ,basketball, and pickleball courts in the Greenbank Lanson park

We have organized children skill camps during the summer and organized lessons. Members of RTO are on the organizing committee and teachers run the camps -Requested by RTO member Larry Doble. The Greenbank Hall and Park Board would like to thank the RTOERO Durham 28 for their recent donation of  $ 500 towards the project to upgrade the Tennis, Basketball, and Pickle Ball Courts in the Lanson Park . The upgrade will allow all members of the community to participate in a variety of athletic events and skill camps in a new and safer environment.

Larry Doble

(6) Salvation Army Family Care Counseling Program and Food Bank – Requested by RTO member David Karram

Thanks for your email confirming the grant of $500.00 approved for the Oshawa Salvation Army’s Family Care Counseling and Food Bank. I will contact them on Monday to find out how to arrange payment to them and the acknowledgement they will send to be posted on our RTOERO Durham 28 website expressing appreciation. Thanks again for this update and the approval given.

David (Karram)

(7) Scientists in the School Project – Requested by RTO Dale Thorington and 7 other RTO members

To Date, no formal acknowledgement received.